Holiday Hours for Both Locations

We hope you have a relaxing holiday planned.  If you need help with that here is our holiday hour schedule for both locations: ______________________________________ 71 Duncan Street: Wednesday December 24th: 10am – 4pm Thursday December 25th: Closed Friday December 26th: 10am – 4pm Wednesday December 31st: 10am – 4pm Thursday January 1: Closed ______________________________________ 1655 […]


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From deep massage to gentle craniosacral therapy anyone can benefit from bodywork treatments by one of our therapists at Toronto Bodyworks. Touch is essential for physical and emotional well being and some forms of bodywork have been in existence for literally hundreds or thousands of years. You too can benefit. You may even be covered for massage therapy or acupuncture on your benefit health plan. Bodywork therapy is different for everyone; if feeling your facial muscles relax and diminished lines on your face is what eases your soul, we have it. If you’d rather sink into a hot stone massage for comfort or calm your mind with aromatherapy we can help. Perhaps you choose massage therapy to alleviate the pain in your shoulder or a thai massage to stretch and work out tension in your back or maybe you just prefer to submit to the thumbs and elbows of a good shiatsu treatment. Whatever your body needs we strive to deliver the optimal you.