Appointments can be booked by phone (416-593-5644) or email (info@torontobodyworks.com). All patients are required to provide a Visa or Mastercard to confirm bookings. If you do not have a credit card you are welcome to or pre-pay for your service by sending an e-transfer for the full amount of the session to our email info@torontobodyworks.com. All bookings will receive a confirmation. Automated reminders are sent by email or text 48 hours before your appointment.


Your session starts from the moment the therapist picks you up in the reception area. Every appointment includes a brief intake and/or assessment before the hands-on portion of the treatment begins. We are unable to extend appointments if you are running late so please be punctual to ensure you receive a full session.


If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice and we are unable to find another patient to replace the booking you will be charged the full cost of your appointment. When you book an appointment, that time is set aside for you, and missed appointments and short notice cancellations prevent us from accommodating other patients.

COVID-19 Cancellations

If you are experiencing symptoms, or have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 please let us know as quickly as possible. Please note you will not be able to rebook with us within 14 days of your cancelled appointment without a negative COVID-19 test. You may book sooner if you have received a negative test result which will be sent to a confidential email accessed only by our studio’s privacy health officer.


We currently take card payments (Debit, Visa, Mastercard) at our tap payment terminal and interac e-transfers to info@torontobodyworks.com. Some banks and cards have different tap limits however for your protection we disinfect the terminal after each use if you do require use of the keypad.

For health and safety reasons we are not able to accept cash payments during the pandemic.


Tips are commonplace for massage, especially in spas.  In Ontario we are regulated by the same Government Health Act as Doctors and Dentists whom we conventionally do not tip.  It is not expected that you tip your massage therapist either.  Some clients still like to show their appreciation through a gratuity which is always a kind gesture, just never expected.  You will receive the same level of excellence in care whether you choose to tip your therapist or not.


What to Expect During Your Session


Your session will start with a short intake.  Your therapist may ask about previous experience with massage therapy, the reason for your visit, any medication you are taking, lifestyle habits, problem areas or level of activity.  Intakes usually take about five minutes.  


Your therapist may ask you to sign a “Sensitive Area Consent Form” which means that you give them permission to work on sensitive areas such as chest wall muscles, gluteal muscles (buttocks), upper inner thigh muscles and breast tissue, if indicated. However, you may rescind your consent at any time during your session if you are uncomfortable with the work your therapist is doing, even if you have signed the consent form.  At Toronto Bodyworks we take consent very seriously and are committed to providing our patients a comfortable and positive experience.


Some patients enjoy conversing during their session, others prefer not to.  You are never obligated to engage in small talk during your session, and can indicate your preference to your therapist by asking for a “silent table” or letting reception know when booking the appointment.  Similarly, if you don’t like the music, if you prefer the noise level or temperature be adjusted (or anything else within the therapist’s control) you can ask them to make changes at any time.


It is important to communicate with your therapist as they work.  Feel free to let them know if you want more or less pressure, or want them to focus more time in a particular area.  Communication is key to having a satisfying experience and therapists are more than happy to adjust to meet your needs.


What to Expect After the Session

You may feel relaxed or energized. If you have been pushing yourself you may feel tired. You may also notice some post massage soreness that usually is relieved with time and a hot shower. Your therapist might also recommend home care. 

If you had acupuncture, cupping or gua sha during your session you may see some bruising this reaction is perfectly normal and should take a little time to clear up as a bruise would.


Insurance Questions

Will my benefits cover my treatment?

Our therapists are registered massage therapists and registered acupuncturists. We will provide you with an electronic receipt that will include the information you need to submit a claim. We will send it to you by the end of that business day through the email address you provide.  We do not currently provide direct billing to insurance companies and cannot guarantee that you will receive compensation for the treatment as all insurance coverage is different. We recommend contacting your insurance company directly to learn what your personal benefits cover.

Can I use my benefits to pay for someone else’s massage?

Insurance rules require that the receipt be issued in the name of the person who received the treatment. We are also required to indicate on the treatment receipt who paid for the session.

Can I prepay for massages to use up my benefits?

Our guidelines only permit that we issue insurance receipts for the treatment on the day the session occurs, this is to prevent insurance fraud. 

I lost my receipt, can I get another one?

Definitely! We are happy to issue a duplicate receipt. Please contact our reception team and we can send one by mail or email.