Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates for all of the special people in your life and at this time of year we get a lot of requests for the moms and dads out there. They work hard and play hard, sometimes it can seem impossible for them to get away or give them the break they deserve.

Often a short rest for some bodywork does just the trick. Many people report improved mood, better sleep and less stress after receiving bodywork (including massage and acupuncture).

We sell gift certificates in 30/60/90/120 minute increments of Standard or Intermediate level therapists. You could also choose a dollar amount to have applied towards their next session.

Our excellent reception team are available to answer any questions and help you out with any questions you may have as well as your gift certificate purchase.

For more information from a live person check out our contact page for phone and email information as well as our hours of operation.

We are hiring!

Toronto Bodyworks was founded in 2004. We are an established and well reviewed therapeutic massage therapy studio. It is important to us that RMTs have a supportive environment in our competitive industry and a friendly, easy place to work. We are RMT owned and operated and our space was designed with RMTs in mind. The studio is located in a renovated brick and beam building with beautiful architectural features such as wood posts, floors and ceilings and large bright windows. Our location is deeply central to the downtown core with easy access to TTC, subway and a continual roster of patients including new and returning faces.

New incoming therapists will be busy as we continue to turn patients away for appointments without enough therapists to meet the demand. We have systems in place to spread patients out accordingly to ensure bookings are fair, even to new therapists.

We still have room to hire more RMTs but are not sure for how much longer as our space is slowly filling up. We are looking for smart, professional, friendly therapists and are willing to wait for the right fit. Potential RMT candidates must be comfortable providing deep work as we get regular requests for this.

We offer personalized coaching – the opportunity to recieve feedback with incoming therapist””””s hands to round out their skill set and to ensure excellent bio-mechanics. This gives the therapist ideas on how to decrease wear and tear on their body for a long and comfortable career. The work is one on one individualized coaching to optimize your strengths and round out where you could use improvement. This training is a good part of the reason for our success.

We currently need coverage for the following days and ask incoming therapists to commit to at least one weekend day even if it is every other weekend for minimum one year (note weekends are a short shift in the morning or afternoon):


Monday – Friday: various afternoon shifts especially Monday, Wednesday and Friday



Picking up shifts for any day

There are two shifts per day: a morning shift and an afternoon shift which leaves therapists with half the day to spare either way. Weekends and weekday afternoons are the busiest time and on weekends we turn away as many clients as we can fit in. Weekend shifts are 4 one hour bookings max (weekdays are 5 per shift).

There are opportunities to pick up shifts any day of the week if your preferred permanent shift(s) is not yet available or you are sometimes looking for extra work. We have some therapists that make most of their earnings from pick-up so it can be a good fit for some especially those who are looking for a bit more flexibility.

Everything is provided including reception, linen service, payment processing and more.

Pay is 60%, with the opportunity to charge more with experience and client retention. The position is for an independant contractor for the term of one year, renewed annually. Many of our therapists have been with us for many years.

For more information and pictures you can check us out at

If interested send a cover letter and resume to the email address provided. No phone calls please. New grads are welcome to apply.

Why consider Toronto Bodyworks?

Toronto Bodyworks is a place for RMTs who want to excel in their career.

We believe any massage therapist has the potential to be amazing at what they do. Even the newest grad can have heart in their hands transcending therapeutic intent into their work. All they need is a little guidance to optimize their style and strategy.

Sometimes we meet experienced therapists who’ve had little to no feedback and are not sure why their practice is slower than they hoped.

Then there are those who have the experience and expertise but are looking for an easier practice to manage.

At Toronto Bodyworks we look for friendly and professional therapists all from different points in their careers. We take time to work with incoming therapist’s hands and biomechanics for excellence in their work. Sometimes all it takes is a little rounding out and other times it needs extra dedication and practice to get a therapist where they want to be. We are committed to working with our team to help them achieve. Having a strong foundation in proper treatment postures and biomechanics will provide better tissue engagement for a more effective treatment and longevity in a massage career.

Our lead coach Sue Sheedy has been a professional bodyworker since 1997 having completed diplomas in Shiatsu Therapy, Registered Acupuncture and Registered Massage. Sue has a full, closed practice and has built a client centered studio dedicated toward the support of RMTs

Once on the Toronto Bodyworks team, we provide clients and therapists are moderately to fully booked. We use electronic files and booking system for ease and efficiency with a full staff of support from reception to management and colleagues. Therapists will be part of a well recognized massage business that has been around since 2004. As a therapist builds a consistently busy practice there are opportunities for pay increases.

There is no one place that will suit every therapist, that’s certainly true. We strive to offer a supportive environment in an organized, beautiful, central location within a culture of friendly,  like minded people. Owned and operated by a Registered Massage Therapist we understand what massage therapists need and what their professional and legal responsibilities are. We strive to be excellent at our professionalism and work.

There are a lot of good massage therapists out there, we’re here to help you stand out!

Interested? We’d love to hear from you.