Alexandra Whyte RMT

Services Offered: Registered Massage Therapy, Sports Massage
Level: Standard

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Sports was a big part of Alex’s life growing up. While she participated in skiing, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and ringette, Alex started to learn about physiology and how her body reacted to short term and long term injuries as a high level athlete.

Her experience as a healthcare professional began during her tenure in Ryerson University’s nursing program, here she was able to gain a strong foundation of knowledge in the realm of anatomy, physiology, pathotherapeutics and pharmacology.

During her time at Ryerson University Alex was also the co-captain of the women’s varsity volleyball team, an experience which provided her with some insight into the world of athletic therapy and rehabilitation. Having suffered several injuries of her own throughout her 4 year varsity career, Alex was able to gain a personal understanding of the importance of self-care and with the aid of the veteran athletic therapy staff, she also gained insight on the various therapy techniques to accelerate her rehabilitation without compromise. This invaluable experience and time in her life has given her immense perspective on the significant role that injury prevention and rehabilitation played when looking to avoid long-term injuries that worsen over time and eventually become debilitating.

Alex’s path lead her to attend the Sutherland-Chan Massage Therapy school where she gained the knowledge and skills with Swedish massage techniques through various student clinics and through direct work with clients who have experienced various injuries including spinal cord and sports related injuries. Alex also has gained valuable experience through various breast massage clinics and clinics to support pregnant clients.

As a RMT, Alex’s main goal is to inspire a fundamental shift in how we perceive our own health with a stronger focus on the creation of wellness outside of direct treatment of an illness. She hopes to create a body awareness within her clients in order to help improve their quality of life through decreased stress levels, relieving various pains and tensions, improving functional movement and overall injury prevention. It’s of the utmost importance to Alex to have her clients walk away from their session with a greater knowledge of their own bodies in order for the rehabilitation process to continue in their every day lives.

Alex is actively involved in the Toronto fitness community, athletics and she is an avid knitter.