Chad Walasek RMT
Registered Massage Therapist

Services Offered: Registered Massage Therapy, Sports Massage
Level: Standard

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As an active individual, Chad believes that everyone should feel the best they possibly can in their body to enjoy life to the fullest, no matter what age, occupation or passion.

Chad was a valedictorian for his graduating class at Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy, where he learned exercise science and the traditional techniques of western massage. He has experience treating athletes, seniors, people living with cancer, people living with spinal cord injuries and patients with a wide variety of other soft tissue conditions. While he gravitates toward deeper pressure in massage treatments, he is equally effective at more gentle treatments aimed to calm the nervous system to allow people to just relax.

Chad has many other passions and life experiences that inform his clinical practice. When not in the clinic, he enjoys an active lifestyle that includes performing and teaching dance, cycle touring, backpacking and other outdoor activities, travel, yoga and learning languages. In addition, he has Master’s degree training in movement analysis. He believes that manual therapy and movement therapy can and should work together for optimal performance and life enjoyment. He is currently studying medical acupuncture and intends to become certified in aromatherapy and yoga instruction in the future.

Chad is a member in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and the Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario.